BC Youth Week Members

Please Note: The BC Youth Week Logo is owned by the BC Youth Week Committee. In order to use the BC Youth Week logo and promote your event/s as being part of BC Youth Week, you MUST be a member in good standing and/or a current BC Youth Week sponsor. 

Find out more about becoming a BC Youth Week Member including benefits, pricing, what we ask of members and more. To sign-up online, click the application button below.

Membership Benefits

  • The opportunity to promote your events as BC Youth Week events, as well as use of the BC Youth Week Logo
  • Mentions on BC Youth Week’s social media platforms
  • Inclusion on the BC Youth Week website
  • The opportunity to attend monthly committee meetings
  • Gain access to shared files, graphics, logos, and meeting minutes
  • Email reminders of important dates and tasks
  • Coordination of sponsors, funders and media support
  • Access to grant opportunities for your events
  • Discounted pricing on BC Youth Week promotional material
  • The inclusion in a Media Kit and various press packages
  • Ability to have access to resources, support and feedback from the committee
  • Included in special projects that encourage BC Youth Week as a whole
  • You get added to the BC Youth Week Committee email list
  • Opportunity for networking within our members


New Member Perks!

New members receive the following additional perks! If you have any questions about becoming a BC Youth Week member please contact us.

  • First year - half price membership fee!
  • A faciliator guide containing how-to information on BC Youth Week event planning and sample forms.
  • Sample promotional materials
  • Sample Media Kit

Membership Participation

The following are key responsibilities we ask of our BC Youth Week members:

  • Keep the BC Youth Week Coordinator updated on your events
  • Keep contact info, web links and event listings current
  • Share with the committee various ideas and thoughts about BC Youth Week
  • Get involved with  BC Youth Week launches
  • Members are responsible to encourage youth to participate in Youth Week contests and social media
  • Attend committee meetings if possible
  • Reply to committee emails as you can
  • Assure events are kept in line with BC Youth Week’s goals and vision

Membership Fees

Small Municipalties

By Population Size:

  • under 25,000
    $50 / yr
  • 25,000 to 49,999
    $100 / yr

Medium Municipalties

By Population Size:

  • 50,000 to 149,999
    $200 / yr

Large Municipalties

By Population Size:

  • 150,000+
    $300 / yr

Other Memberships

  • Non-Profit / Charity 
    $50 / yr
  • Student / Parent Group 
    $50 / yr
  • Business / Other
    $100 / yr

New members receive a 50% discount on their first year membership fee!