WorkSafeBC Sponsorship Opportunities

WorkSafeBC is proud to be a 2024 sponsor of B.C. Youth Week. We believe our contribution will help ensure success of the week-long activities for young people across the province.

From WorkSafeBC:

"The main goals of our partnership with Youth Week include promoting positive youth self-image and the importance of workplace safety among youth, recognizing the positive contribution of youth to safe workplaces, and promoting key safety messages to young people attending Youth Week events.

Two key messages are:

  • Know and exercise your rights and responsibilities at work and
  • Listen to your gut when something seems unsafe at work.

Small Sponsorships from WorkSafeBC for BC Youth Week events that incorporate a strong link to workplace health and safety:

You can request up to $200 in sponsorship funding for events that have a significant link to workplace health and safety. In exceptional circumstances, WorkSafeBC may consider up to $500 in sponsorship funding, but only for those projects that go the extra mile to ensure youth will leave your event with significantly more awareness and knowledge about their health and safety at work.

Please be sure to clearly outline how the funds will be used, how many people will benefit, and the health and safety outcomes. WorkSafeBC reserves the right to refuse funding for events that do not have a significant link to workplace health and safety. If you are requesting sponsorship for multiple events, provide a separate form for each event. Requests will be considered on a first come, first served basis."

Please click HERE to access additional information and the application form!

Please return the above form to Robin Schooley ( by April 4, 2024.