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Membership Testimonials

Youth Week provides that chance to engage and make a call out to youth that we wouldn’t otherwise have. It’s an opportunity to showcase to youth that we are not only willing to take interest in what they are interested in, but are passionate enough to help them with their interests and let them grow.

– Nesan Furtado, City of Surrey


Become a Member

Please Note: The BC Youth Week Logo is owned by the BC Youth Week Committee. In order to use the BC Youth Week logo and promote your event/s as being part of BC Youth Week, you MUST be a member in good standing and/or a current BC Youth Week sponsor. 

 BC Youth Week Membership Fees:

Small Municipalities
Under 25,000 population is $50
25,001 – 50,000 population is $100
Medium Municipalities
50,001 – 150,000 population is $200
Large Municipalities
150,001+ population is $300
Non-profit/Charity is $50
Businesses/Other is $100
New members receive their first year for half price!


New Members Receive A Welcome Package:

  • Facilitator Guide containing how-to information on BC Youth Week event planning and sample forms
  • Sample promotional materials
  • Sample Media Kit

By joining BC Youth Week you get the following highlighted benefits:

  • The opportunity to promote your events as BC Youth Week events, as well as use of the BC Youth Week Logo
  • Mentions on BC Youth Week’s social media platforms
  • Inclusion on the BC Youth Week website
  • The opportunity to attend monthly committee meetings
  • Gain access to shared files, graphics, logos, and meeting minutes
  • Email reminders of important dates and tasks
  • Coordination of sponsors, funders and media support
  • Access to grant opportunities for your events
  • Discounted pricing on BC Youth Week promotional material
  • The inclusion in a Media Kit and various press packages
  • Ability to have access to resources, support and feedback from the committee
  • Included in special projects that encourage BC Youth Week as a whole
  • You get added to the BC Youth Week Committee email list
  • Opportunity for networking within our members

Responsibilities of Membership

  • Keep the BC Youth Week Coordinator updated on your events
  • Keep contact info, web links and event listings current
  • Share with the committee various ideas and thoughts about BC Youth Week
  • Get involved with  BC Youth Week launches
  • Members are responsible to encourage youth to participate in Youth Week contests and social media
  • Attend committee meetings if possible
  • Reply to committee emails as you can
  • Assure events are kept in line with BC Youth Week’s goals and vision

For more information, or to apply for membership, please contact our consultant at